Feline Spay or Neuter only $75

includes FVCRP and rabies vaccine, pain medication, antibiotic, nail clipping  and ear cleaning.

Canine Spay or Neuter starting at $145

includes rabies vaccine, antibiotic, nail clipping and ear cleaning


Mirochip is implanted under animals skin and anytime a lost animal is found they will be scanned for a chip. Unlike most places The Bridge Clinic does not require registration or yearly fee. One time cost of $16

Please note that all shots will be given in conjunction with a wellness visit.  Please contact us for pricing and an appointment.

Feline Shots:

FVRCP: $20

Rabies: $15


Canine Shots:

5 Plus: $30

Rabies: $15


Flea Treatments:

Prescription Advantage multi and Advantage II  flea formula for  cats and dogs. Prevents heartworm, kills fleas and eggs on contact, kills lice and prevents and treats various parasites. Animals will be given individual price quotes depending on weight.

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