We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit veterinary clinic. This means that we do much more than providing you and your pet with high-quality care for an affordable price.

Our Feral/Community Cat Subsidy Program is a specialized rate we offer to public clients and rescues serving community and feral cat populations. Included in the rate are the spay/neuter, updated rabies, and FVRCP vaccines, pain medication, overall health check, and an ear tip.  We also provide lower-income incentives in collaboration with selected rescues to help keep cats healthy and find them quality homes.



As part of our commitment to the community, every client (public, rescue, or otherwise) receives free rabies and FVRCP vaccine included with their cat’s spay or neuter procedure. Dogs receive a free rabies vaccine with the spay/neuter surgery. We do this as part of our desire to contribute to the overall health and safety of pets in our service area.

Closeup of a Black Dog



The Bridge Clinic has been determined to increase safe pet ownership by offering low rates for microchipping. We also utilize the Michaelson Foundation’s microchips. Using the foundation’s services means that pet owners will not be responsible for monthly registration fees for the life of the chip, and they have the added security of a microchip for their pets.



The Core Creek Park is an initiative by the Rescue Purrfect, our sister organization, to address the man-made public health crisis in Middletown Township, PA. Back in 2016, this public park was home to over 500 cats that through the years were abandoned and dumped, leaving many to reproduce uncontrollably. Working with Greater Good, Red Rover, Easel, among other organizations, The Bridge Clinic was a key part of a massive project to spay and neuter all 500 cats. Rescue Purrfect adopted out the friendly cats, and provide insulated shelters and daily feeding to the remaining 200 cats that were returned to the park as a controlled colony. To this day, volunteers from the Rescue Purrfect continue to feed park animals daily, look out for newly abandoned cats, and keep an eye on any medical issues that need to be addressed at The Bridge Clinic. All services provided by The Bridge Clinic related to this initiative are free of charge to the partner organizations.