The Bridge Clinic is a full-service veterinary clinic and offer many services, from wellness and sick visits to surgeries to keep your furry friends healthy! Please make a general inquiry appointment request by clicking the button below.
*Please note that a non-refundable fee may be charged to hold an appointment for multiple animals, or to reserve an additional appointment after a missed appointment (including cancellations not within 24 hours of scheduled time). This deposit will be applied toward the balance of your bill on the day of your rescheduled appointment. Deposits are non-refundable if the new appointment is not cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours of said new appointment.
WELLNESS APPOINTMENT -  EXISTING PATIENT                        $35.00
APPOINTMENT - SICK VISIT OR NEW PATIENT                           $45.00
(**NOT required for spay or neuter surgeries)
DENTAL PROCEDURES   Teeth cleanings for cats (flat rate)  $175              
                                                    Teeth cleanings: cats with simple extractions (flat rate)*  $250
                                                    Teeth cleanings for dogs (flat rate)  $225              
                                                    Teeth cleanings: dogs with simple extractions (flat rate)*  $275
                                                    *simple tooth extractions do no require use of dental drills
                                                    **estimated price quotes for complex extractions or full mouth
                                                      extractions can be given at the time of dental consultation
FERAL CAT SPAY/NEUTER                                                               $50.00
DOG SPAY/NEUTER     Male (>20 lbs) $145, (20-40 lbs) $200, (40-70 lbs) $300
                                                Female (>20 lbs) $145, (20-40 lbs) $250, (40-70 lbs) $350
                                                Over 70 lbs - $450
                                                *does not include take-home pain medication or heartworm test, if needed
DA2PP VACCINE - DOGS  (does not include appointment/booster)    $30.00
MICROCHIP                                                                                      $16.00