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To apply: email resume and cover letter to


Reward $5000!!! (2).png


You read that right, we're giving a $5,000 REFERRAL BONUS to anyone who makes a referral that leads to The Bridge Clinic hiring a full-time veterinarian for our Philly location!

Here are the rules:

Person referring MUST make an email introduction between the veterinarian's email address and Person referring must have already made contact with the veterinarian candidate. Veterinarian candidate must respond within 2 weeks of intro email.

Person referring MUST include their name, phone number, and email address, as well as the same contact information for the veterinarian candidate.

Referral of veterinarian must be the first time that particular veterinarian has made contact with a staff member of The Bridge Clinic.

Applicable state/federal laws regarding taxation apply, referring individual must fill out all necessary forms to receive payment.

For referral bonus to be paid to referring individual, veterinarian must sign at minimum a 1-year, full-time, 36 hour per week contract working with The Bridge Clinic's Philadelphia location. Bonus paid upon veterinarian's signing by check.

Offer valid until position is filled, or The Bridge Clinic terminates the offer program.

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